Time to clear the block!!

We met with our demolition man yesterday.  The house on the block was knocked down years ago, but never taken away. 

There is some asbestos in the old house which is a bit of a pain but we knew this before we purchased the land. We are using a loca guy to do the job and he seems nice and genuine. Depending on how much asbestos there is buried the final cost will be around $7,000 – $10,000. Let’s hope it’s the lower end! 
We are getting rid of all the trees and everything on the block except for the 1 large Ash Tree in the back left corner as I really like it. One we cut back the lower branches it will look really nice and hopefully we can get a nice swing on there eventually. 


Our tender appointment is getting closer, 1st of Feb. we will finally get more of an idea of our site costs. 

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