Tender Time..

Yesterday was tender day for us, I was really looking forward to this as it’s another step closer to our build and also not so looking forward to seeing the figures..

Overall, a very good day. We arrived at 9am and met with our BC and Tender presenter.

We started by going over the plans room by room and window by window. There was a couple of problems with some of the windows we added and changed, opening windows where they should be fixed. This was fine and easily fixed. Then we went on to the dreaded site costs, the part I was most concerned about. In our original quote, they estimated (worst case scenario) $50,000 site costs so we were really hoping the figure would not go over this. The figure presented to us was $35,000. This was a very welcome surprise. She then went over some other things like the soil report on our block and realised it was not done correctly, fantastic..! As the area is in a 1 in 100 year flood zone there are different requirements for house levels. She went and spoke to an engineer and came back that we would need 75mm of fill (yes I know, 75mm is nothing!!). As it happens it is something, at least it must be something because it costs and extra $5,000. So that takes our site costs to $40,000. Still less than it may have been so we are still happy with that. They do still need to do another soil test when the trees have all been removed and the block has been cleared so this may show that some of the stuff quoted is not required and the price goes down, I am not so hopeful about this as I don’t see them giving back money, but as long as the costs don’t go up I will be happy.

I was surprised to find out that they didn’t have any of our Kitchen Culture information and we won’t have any of it until Contract. We will only have that appointment to go through it and make sure it is all correct. We made some changes the day after and I hope that it’s all correct as that will just cause a delay if we can’t sign off on them on that day.

Contract day is Feb 28th. Can’t come quick enough.

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