Demolition Time

The time has come to get rid of the mess that was once a house on our block. 

Turns out there was more asbestos than originally thought which means more money.. I’m just excited to see the blocked cleared and all the bushes and trees gone! 




Should be all complete before Friday. Then it’s Contract signing day on Tuesday! 

3 Replies to “Demolition Time”

  1. How exciting! keep us updated on the contract appointment and make sure they recheck everything!!! do you really need all those services? all those Oh&S? etc.
    Did they get you're Wos right? and the changes done at tender?
    The legal stuff I heard is non-negotiable so spend your energy on things you can change… 🙂

  2. Thanks Na'ama, I have made a list of things to check at contract, I don't want to forget anything, it's exciting but I'm also dreading it in case the costs have jumped! Roll on Tuesday!! I'll be sure to update you 🙂

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