Contract Day

Yesterday was our contract appointment. When they made the appointment they told us to expect to spend at least half the day there. In total we were there just under 2 hours.

It was very straight forward. As we still have to have another soil test after the demolition is complete, which is hopefully today. So the site costs have not changed, there will be a post contract variation raised if there is any changes to the site costs. I am still hoping they are reduced! I will be happy as long as they don’t increase.

We went through the entire contract and all out selections so far, there was a few mistakes, the colour of the front posts in the portico easy fix. The garage door was also not the correct door, should also be an easy fix. They still did not have our Kitchen Culture drawings, they had send them to me a few days ago but they were wrong and I was still waiting for the amended drawing. I received them this morning and all way correct.

There was an additional charge for run of electric cables over 10m that I have asked them to revise as the meter box will not be more than 10m from the electricity pit.

Other than that it was all good. We signed around 11,000 pieces of paper and we were on our way again.

Some more progress pics on our site clearance below.

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  1. We are also building the Vancouver33. We are finalising our upgrades and plan changes so going to Traralgon tomorrow though we already like the look of the display at Clyde North but I am drawn to the Classic Style although I was not sure of the Bendigo display home.
    Are you able to share cost of all your upgrades? We also want to increase the length of the house by 1 metre to 1.5 metres, any idea how much this cost? Thanks

  2. The Traralgon display is beautiful!! Totally my style, it was worth the 4 hour trip to view it! I haven't seen the new one in Bendigo as it's new.

    Is there anything in particular you want to know the cost of? Some of the costs are on my tender blog post. We didn't increase the length of the house so I'm unsure what this would cost.

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