Rental House.. Tick

We have decided to move to the area that we are building in, close by to watch the build and may as well get there and get to know the area. Rachel can start her new school and get settled.

Thankfully the search for a rental was easy and we got a house pretty quick. We took a 6 month lease and will take it month by month after that if we need to. It has plenty of storage space including a double garage which is good, this means we won’t have to wait until we are in the new house before we can buy furniture. The added bonus is that it is on the street we are building, 4 doors away!! We can really watch the build process which I’m really looking forward to.

We are still waiting for the second soil test, which I hope will happen in the next week and then we should be going for council approval. My hope of an April site start is dwindling at this point but I’m still hopeful we will be in before Christmas.

The bank is really taking it’s time to sort out the mortgage, even though it was already approved it has taken almost a month for them to sort the paperwork, which is very frustrating. There’s not much we can do about it though so no point getting stressed by it…

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