Latest Update – Moved to our new Town

Last week we made the move to the new rental house. It went pretty well and wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. I was much more organised with packing and started weeks in advance. I also packed away all the things that we could live without for the next 6 months so I won’t have to unpack it until we are in our new house.

Rachel started her new school last Wednesday and so far she likes it and is settling in well.

I really like the town we have moved to it really does have a country town feel. I know I will sometimes miss the comfort of big shopping centres very close, in say that though Westfield Fountain Gate is only 25 minutes away so really not that far.

On Friday 21st of April the second soil test was completed on the block, as of Friday PD said they had still not received the report, even though I spoke to the guy doing the test and they said they would have it Wednesday (26th) latest. I am hoping to hear from PD that they have at least received it by now. They then need to finalise the plans and submit them to council for approval. Hopefully they can do this quickly so we are not delayed anymore.

I am already counting the days to Christmas!!