Another delay..

The delays continue…

The second soil report was returned to Porter Davis and after a few weeks(!) they submitted the plans to council. Great, this usually takes around 5 weeks for approval. Then we can start building…

Way back in January I contacted the planning department of our local council to organise a planning permit. I was told we do not require one for our build. Fantastic, saved us $1300 and lots of hassle. Well as it turns out now they have decided we do need one and it can take up to 60 days to process. I make the application and submitted everything they needed straight away (last week). It should be assigned to a planner this week and we will get confirmation once this happens. As soon as it has been assigned to someone I will be calling them to tell them about the wrong information I was given in January and politely asking them to speed up the process as I don’t want to be delayed 60 days because of it.

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that we may not be in before Christmas. It would be really nice to be in the house but if we are not then I will get over it and it just means more time for shopping for new decor and furniture.

Our electrical pit is due to be installed this week too, how exciting.. That was another nice unexpected expense. $5000 just to have power.. We had to get it and accepted that was the cost, the annoying part is the neighbours who are also building will probably now just feed of our one and not have to pay for their own one.

So far we have settled in well to our new little town, the drives to work are fine, Found a good local butcher which is always important!┬áRachels enjoying school and has made lots of new friends. She’s preparing for her big 11th Birthday on the 19th of June, followed by a movie day and sleepover with her friends a week later.